In a future harnessed by society governed by technology, the Cystem regulates the thoughts, actions and beliefs of its citizens. With the help of one true ally, a determined vigilante seeks liberation, but refuses to go alone.


PHOTOS by Josh New

The Arrival.


Trapped inside a harnessed society, perplexed as citizens remain tranquil under Cystem control. Information monitored. She observes. She stands alone…so she believes.

10 days.

A Commonality.


A mystery civilian blends in as The Cystem’s power suppresses independent thought. He considers the repercussions, yet continues toward the mission…it’s almost time.

Crafted Ally.


She aspires for the remedy to liberate desensitized civilians from The Cystem control. After an awakening encounter, she receives a subtle and advantageous helping hand.

The Breach.


The alarm activates while The Cystem deploys laser technology and regains civilian command.

Civic independence, a direct violation.

Mandatory realignment enabled.

Cystem: WASH.


*Mandatory WASH upload initiated. Processing system engaged. Civilian engaged. Loading: Singular intelligence ~WASH imagery stabilizing~*

Mandatory realignment enabled.

Single Resistance.


*WASH upload interrupted. Resistance detected. Cystem warning activated *

Even still, her robust will for informed knowledge only empowers her rejection towards Cystem programming.

The Emergence.


Disconnected from Cystem control, she emerges transformed and equipped with cognition.

*Absolute intelligence expanded*

By Force.


Her undying will for external knowledge triggers Cystem decline. Head strong, she makes her choice by force.

Joined Forces.


With great recollection, she’s reminded of a mysterious alliance. Two is stronger than one.

A Good Look.


And with one good look it becomes clear: The power of the Cystem can only be measured by the determination within herself.



Branjae is the birth child of Classic Soul, Funk and R&B. With a culmination of lyrical depths, energetic theatrical performances and genre fluidity, her storytelling style comes as unique as the personas she embodies. Branjae’s fearless and energetic showcase, encourages elevated consciousness by connecting with her audiences for the soul purpose of creating unity and harmony. Born in the city of Motown and rooted in the city of The Gap Band, artist Branjae has established herself as a full-bodied, entertainer; singing, dancing, and acting her way into the hearts of audiences across the globe. Her voice has been likened to the rasp of Lauryn Hill, the alto register of India Arie, and the soul of Nina Simone, while her stage presence is heavily influenced by the leg work of Tina Turner, confidence of Michael Jackson, and the commanding presence of Freddie Mercury. Branjae has shared the stage with Jeff Tweedy, Joan Osbourne, Gangstagrass, Thundercat, Fishbone, Ohio Players, RC and the Grits (Erykah Badu’s current band), Andy Frasco and the late Waymen Tisdale.

In 2019 Branjae’s presence catapulted with her project, “Street Light”Billboard Magazine premiered the project’s video & AfroPunk debuted the single with an Op-Ed’ written by Branjae. The “Street Light” exclusive premiere was held at Tulsa’s own, Circle Cinema & was sponsored by Tulsa nonprofits DVIS, Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture, and Circle Cinema.“Street Light” earned Branjae the Best Female Artist Award at the Black Wallstreet Music Awards, 5 nominations at the Tulsa Music Awards, 1 nomination at the Independent Music Awards & was Officially Selected to screen at the 2020 Dead Center Film Festival, & the 2020 Lift Off Global Network Film Festivals in Paris, London, Sydney, Melbourne, New York & Los Angeles. Additional 2019 highlights include a feature on the 2X Emmy Award Winning Series “Play It Loud” by Outsiders Productions, “This Land Is Your Land: A Celebration of 80 Years” by Woody Guthrie Center & “Duet Jazz Club Presents: Branjae’s NYE Extravaganza”.  

In 2020 was to pivot accordingly. She began studying for her feature length debut as Sugar Plum, in “Finding Carlos”, a holiday hip hop film inspired by The Nutcracker; and was featured on Gangstagrass’ latest album “No Time for Enemies” which reached #1 on the Billboard Blue Grass Charts and was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. Branjae also extended her experience & knowledge as a Virtual Panel Moderator at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship: TAF Connection Series & as a Virtual Panel Speaker at the 2020 Oklahoma Film+Music Conference, 2020 Dead Center Film Festival, 2020 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival & 2020 Folk the Vote by WGC. Socially distanced appearances and productions have included: TheDirector’s Cuts: OKC Pride Fest (only on YouTube), On a Porch Somewhere [private concert series hosted in the Tulsa area],  Audience of One by Duet Jazz Club & Tulsa Community College TEDx Virtual Event.

PHOTO by Josh New

-Official SXSW Artist 2018, 2019, 2020
-5X Nominee – Tulsa Music Awards 2019
-4X Nominee – Tulsa Music Awards
-Oklahoma Magazine – Best of the Best 2018
-Art Directors of Tulsa Graphex Awards
Best Director – Jeremy Charles
“Everybody Needs” 2018
-Art Directors of Tulsa Graphex Awards
Best Photography – Josh New
“Street Light” 2019
2020 Black Wall Street Award- Best Female Artist